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Managed Services


Bizzell provides result-oriented administrative support services ranging from data entry and secretarial support to finding and selecting qualified candidates. Our skilled professionals have exceptional experience in government administrative processes, consulting, and training related to planning, budgeting, operations, oversight and execution, and mission and professional support. We believe in assembling and deploying a customized cadre of people, expertise, and technologies to help agencies refine their performance. In addition Bizzell plans and coordinates large global meetings for the private sector, multilateral organizations, and bilateral agencies such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and U.S. Department of State/U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Global technical and contract officer trainings. Our expertise includes:

At Bizzell, we inform thinking, influence behavior, drive perceptions, and build trust. Our dynamic approach to communication ensures messaging and branding resonates with stakeholders while helping clients achieve their long-term vision and goals. We provide a wide range of strategic communication support for diverse clients across various industries and sectors.


Bizzell’s team of Certified Meeting Planners (CMP) and Certified Government Meeting Professionals (CGMP) have over 50 years of combined experience navigating and executing complex and flawlessly curated events on behalf of government and corporate clients. We leverage the latest in meeting planning industry trends that make conferences and events more engaging and dynamic. We develop event technology including mobile apps, webcasting, and broadcasted social media feeds to add innovative flair to your event. Our logistical support covers the coordination of various services including securing event space, travel partners, and registering and aiding attendees.

Bizzell leverages over 20 years of information technology experience to accelerate projects across our various areas of excellence. To achieve client goals, our technology experts conduct thorough research, analyze client needs, perform situation analysis; then, develop and implement creative solutions. Innovation is high on our agenda, as we navigate through our clients’ challenges in the ever-evolving technology landscape, driving digital adaptation. 


Bizzell’s Cybersecurity & Intelligence experts bring decades of experience as the attacker allowing our firm to take a careful approach to cybersecurity and intelligence operations. Our collective experience centers around strategic planning and tactical operational work in the military, commercial sector, and intelligence community. Taking an end-to-end approach to security, we leverage over 80 years of combined experience to enhance planning and thoughtfully execute based on client needs. We believe in assembling and deploying the right talent, expertise, and technology solutions for each client—and develop strategic partnerships that refine and enhance performance.