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The Bizzell Group’s Work

Bizzell is a partner of choice by Federal, state, and local government agencies and private organizations. Our expert staff and consultants work on health, education, communications, research, technical assistance and information technology projects that meet national priorities.


Bizzell Defense

Bizzell designs custom data-driven, research-informed and innovative solutions to protect and promote the health and wellness of members of active duty military and their families.  Our focus is on integrating consumer feedback to refine strategies and maximize reach and efficacy.  Through our iterative development process, we build systems that work, embedded with continuous quality improvement.


Bizzell Education

At Bizzell, we strive to understand each agency’s unique mission, landscape and challenges to education and learning. Our goal is to improve performance, simplify operations, leverage resources, and create environments and networks for consistent learning. To strengthen educational benefits for all, Bizzell employs a comprehensive range of services and solutions such as trainings, conferences, communications, quality reviews, benchmarks, and more. Through various contracts, we have executed over 2,000 meetings and teleconferences with nearly 100,000 participants and produced a variety of communication and training products that impact lives across the world.  


Bizzell Energy

At Bizzell, we develop strategies to maximize efficiency and strengthen operations. Securing our nation’s energy infrastructure, we implement clear, efficient, and effective administrative services. Bizzell provides strategic and organizational planning, financial planning and budgeting, strategic communications, human resources support, and business process improvement that assures quality throughout operations in vital energy initiatives.  


Bizzell Finance

Bizzell financial experts use custom methods and algorithms, varying across agencies, stakeholders, and challenges, to inform decisions at the top level. We can help you refine current practices and integrate secured, innovative management systems to reach your financial commitments and goals on time. The focus is to determine how we can better organize current activities and transform organizations. We reduce fraud, waste, and abuse for clients through monitoring, auditing, and strategic consultation 

Bizzell Global


At Bizzell, our goal is to sustain social change in the areas of economic development, youth development, maternal and child health, gender empowerment, and more. Our experts leverage monitoring and evaluation to develop interventions and foster learning across cultures. We provide an array of services including communications, conference services, financial planning, training and technical assistance to remove barriers to prosperity and optimize public health systems. We have executed conferences, trainings, exhibits, medical guidance, disease eradication, and communications campaigns in countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand, and Haiti among others.


Bizzell Health

Bizzell is an industry leader with exceptional depth and breadth of expertise across the spectrum of health, including clinical medicine, public health, behavioral health, and maternal and child healthThe foundation of our company is a commitment to the health and mental health of individuals across our nation and around the world. 


Bizzell Justice

Bizzell is committed to equal rights, protections, and access to services for all citizens. Through expert planning, management, training, and administrative services, Bizzell ensures clear coordination of effective and outcome-driven services, capabilities and programs that play a key role in identifying and addressing issues of our most vulnerable populations.


Bizzell Labor

Bizzell strives to balance organizational demands with employee recruitment, relations, satisfaction and workforce development. We engage employers and employees through a blend of human resources, policy, training, organizational development and psychology. Behaviors and attitudes are transformed through strengthened and robust recruitment, screening, onboarding, training programs, internal communications, and/or surveying. Bizzell has increased educational and professional support to build social capital and provided opportunities to learn about real-life and work expectations.


Bizzell Transportation

Bizzell applies deep subject matter expertise to support advances in accelerating innovative transportation and programmatic solutions.  Our program analysts and communications experts design research-informed strategies to help you disseminate innovation.  We embed reinforcement of safety and efficiency as a top priority in every system improvement solution.