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Bizzell subject matter experts design custom solutions to protect and promote the health and wellness of members of active duty military and their families. Our focus is on integrating consumer feedback to refine strategies and maximize reach and efficacy. Through our iterative development process, we build systems that work, embedded with continuous quality improvement.

Department of Defense
Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO)

Developed a comprehensive, innovative communications and outreach strategy to educate members of the military and their families and caregivers about the risks and signs of mental health concerns, and to promote active suicide prevention approaches. Bizzell behavioral health Subject Matter Experts developed an extensive portfolio of collateral materials to disseminate clear messages about suicide prevention and integrated this with a successful social media strategy that exponentially increased the reach of the messaging. Bizzell created a fulfillment center, distributing materials reaching thousands of consumers, and collected and analyzed utilization data to ensure continual quality improvement of outreach strategies.

Office of Women’s Health

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office on Women’s Health (OWH)

Managed all conference planning and logistics activities for a stakeholder meeting addressing the health and mental health needs of women Veterans. The meeting presented the current state of the science in Veterans women’s health and facilitated collaboration and coordination of the discussion of policies and practices regarding services across the life spectrum of women from active duty through veteran status.