Ensuring justice and safety for all


Bizzell is committed to equal rights, protections, and access to services for all citizens. Through expert planning, management, and administrative services, Bizzell ensures clear coordination of conferences and meetings that play a key role in identifying and addressing issues of our most vulnerable populations.

Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration on Community Living (ACL)

Played an integral role in convening the Elder Justice Coordinating Council meetings chaired by the HHS Secretary with permanent member, the Attorney General of the United States, which provides oversight for activities to protect older individuals from elder abuse including financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse. Through planning and conference services, live video-streaming, graphic design, and  website development, Bizzell ensured coordination of services to facilitate stakeholder partnerships and knowledge dissemination that advanced protection of our nation’s elderly population.

Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) for The District Of Columbia,
Pretrial Services Agency (PSA)

Trauma remains a significant national issue for those with mental health and substance use disorders and continues to be a critical issue for Pretrial Service Agencies’ (PSA) treatment and supervision of defendant populations.  For PSA, Bizzell led a Process Review of PSA’s Trauma-Based Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services for Defendants.  The goals of the review were: to determine what PSA is providing regarding trauma-based and trauma-informed treatment; determine whether these treatments are effective and efficient in helping clients deal with these issues; and identify appropriate support networks and methods for developing trusting collaborative relationships. Recommendations were provided that included integration of evidence-based interventions and methods to clearly identify optimum outcomes and support the continued and possible expansion of trauma-focused services at PSA.