Data Validation and Administrative Contractor

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services : Data Validation and Administrative Contractor



For more than 40 years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has executed federally mandated contracts to improve quality in a wide variety of settings. Through a combination of service delivery reform and technical assistance, these organizations and programs have served health care delivery organizations including hospitals, nursing homes, and primary and specialty care practices serving large and small, rural, and medically underserved communities. The achievements have included dramatic improvements in quality, outcomes, and cost efficiency, using an adaptive Quality Improvement (QI) approach to program design.

The new structure and innovative network of Medicare QI leaders has landed in the National Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors (NQIIC) Community. CMS is in the process of awarding the next round of five year contracts through the NQIICs, a set of QI contractors that have the capability of achieving large scale improvement results using effective and innovative QI strategies that are data driven, transparent, and empower patients, families and clinicians to make decisions about their healthcare.


Bizzell was selected by CMS to lead the Data Validation and Administrative Contract (formerly known as the National Administrative Support). Bizzell will provide a broad range of health care quality improvement services involving support of the national data-driven initiatives to optimize health outcomes for individuals and families while assisting clinicians, providers, and communities in improving health and healthcare of the population they serve.

Under the new contract, Bizzell will assume ownership of several task orders, providing support in data analytics, information technology, meeting planning, and communications. By assisting healthcare providers with quality improvement activities, Bizzell seeks to drive decreases in hospital admissions and readmissions, healthcare-associated infections (HAI), hospital-acquired conditions (HAC), adverse drug events (ADE), improvements in management of chronic diseases, and improvements in nursing home care quality.


Bizzell is providing comprehensive, streamlined, and technology-driven large-scale data analytics, data validation, data visualization, communications, and results-oriented learning action networks support to enable every NQIIC contractor to assist CMS in achieving its aims of: 1) Improving behavioral health, including opioid abuse, 2) Improving public health through improved chronic disease management, 3) Increasing patient safety, 4) Increasing quality of care transitions, and 5) Improving long term care.

  • Bizzell successfully orchestrated the CMS 2020 Quality Conference for over 3,500 participants, to explore and disseminate strategies for how patients, advocates, providers, researchers, and champions in health care quality improvement can address America’s most pervasive health system challenges.
  • Bizzell created and implemented comprehensive communications strategies and plans for quality improvement networks under the new QI structure, to disseminate evidence-based approaches to continually improve quality and safety in health care
  • Bizzell is providing vital network support to NQIIC contractors to facilitate achievement of key health metrics
  • Bizzell implemented a robust data validation process to ensure transparency, security, and integrity in all auditing activities