Defense Suicide Prevention Communications and Outreach

Defense Suicide Prevention
Communications and Outreach

Department of Defense (DoD): Defense Suicide

Prevention Office (DSPO)


Suicide takes the lives of an estimated 6,000 Veterans each year and is a major public health concern that affects individuals, families, and communities. Preventing suicide among members of the Armed Services is one of the most demanding and important challenges of the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO). Bizzell was contracted to support outreach, communications, and fulfillment efforts for DSPO.


Bizzell developed a comprehensive, innovative communications and outreach strategy to educate members of the military and their families and caregivers about the signs and risks of mental health concerns, and to promote active suicide prevention approaches. Bizzell employed modern, evidence-based, and effective communications and outreach strategies critical to increasing awareness and support for suicide prevention, while building resilience, throughout DoD.


Bizzell behavioral health Subject Matter Experts developed an extensive portfolio of collateral materials to disseminate clear messages about suicide prevention and integrated this with a successful social media strategy that exponentially increased the reach of the messaging. Bizzell created a fulfillment center, distributing materials reaching thousands of consumers, and collected and analyzed utilization data to ensure continual quality improvement of outreach strategies.

  • Bizzell successfully implemented DSPO’s social media accounts and drove growth in all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Bizzell developed national outreach materials (posters, brochures, trifolds, and other collateral) that promote and increase suicide awareness, intervention, and postvention techniques with internal and external stakeholders, and created and maintained a fulfillment website.
  • Bizzell launched successful 2018 and 2019 Suicide Prevention Month campaigns, including high-impact events, a toolkit, and a landing page.
  • Bizzell assisted DSPO with purchasing and managing a web platform for its monthly webinars and online video services.
  • Bizzell created 11 communications plans (Comprehensive Communications Plan, Comprehensive Family Plan, Family-Specific Plan, Adolescent Plan, Outreach Plan, Social Media Plan, Quality Control Plan, Style Guide, Suicide Prevention Month Plan, Survivor Plan, and Crisis Communications Plan).